Keep up with how randrr is changing recruiting forever.

Changing recruiting forever

Recruiters and job candidates have settled for less with the job search process. Companies and people looking for jobs have become complacent with unwieldy job boards. Missed connections between companies and job candidates have become commonplace. And, worse, job search has turned into a cold, lifeless process.

Unfortunately, job search isn’t about people anymore.

It’s time to create job search built for people

It’s time to create a better world for recruiters and people looking for jobs. Recruiters in particular spend hours sifting through resumes and online profiles of candidates who may or may not be qualified for the open position, who may or may not be the right fit for the company’s culture. Job candidates spend time, resources, and valuable brainpower slogging through those cold, lifeless job sites and filling out their information, which may or may not be read correctly by a job site’s ATS.

It’s time to rethink the way people hire and search for jobs.

Making talent and job search easier for the common good

Between frustrated employers and potential employees, no one is winning. It’s time to create a job search process for the people. It’s time to imagine a world where people are hired in minutes and hours — not weeks and months. It’s time to imagine a world where people apply for jobs on any device they want. It’s time to imagine a world where employers and job candidates develop real, lasting relationships before they ever meet each other.

That’s why Terry Terhark is creating randrr

Creating a sightline to career opportunities

Terry Terhark has spent his career making life easier for employers and creating new opportunities for job candidates. Terry has heard their frustration for more than 30 years — most recently when his daughter was looking for a job after graduating from college. An accomplished entrepreneur in talent acquisition who grew several highly successful enterprise technology brands, Terry knows he still has work to do in the recruiting and job search industries. And that’s why randrr is being created.

It all started by asking, What if ...

  • you could have a free jobs app that was built around the needs of people — employers and job candidates?
  • there was a way job candidates could easily access job postings on any device they wanted?
  • job candidates knew exactly where they were in the hiring process at any given point in time?
  • everyone knew how marketable they were?
  • job candidates could develop real relationships with companies?

randrr is taking on the oldest form of human capital management and creating a solution that benefits employers and job candidates.

Introducing randrr

A career opportunities platform for the common good

randrr puts the power in the hands of people looking for career opportunities. With randrr, you can gain transparency into the companies you love, research and discover opportunities, engage employers, or get hired — all while keeping your privacy intact. No more getting profiled by endless headhunters. No more resume black holes. No more wondering where you stand after you express interest in an opportunity. randrr helps people discover their career destiny.

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