Changing Archetypes While Pre-Product: An Exercise In Courage

I’m excited to tell you that randrr is about to unveil a brand overhaul.

This didn’t happen because we got bored or because we had so much time on our hands. It happened because we needed to ensure that our first impression on real users was meaningful. To understand the shortcomings of the old logo compared to our evolved product definition, let’s break it down a little:

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Unit Tests and Go

Part of moving quickly with software is having a safety net. At randrr, that safety net consists of several layers of test coverage. Following Mike Cohn's Test Pyramid, the foundation of our strategy is automated unit testing.

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randrr's UX Stack And Remote Collaborative Tools

The Situation

Here at randrr, we’re obsessed with putting the user at the center of the universe. We strive for a design process that is itself frictionless so that we can provide that same experience to our users.

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Software Defined Infrastructure

Big Ideas, Big Challenges

At randrr, we have big ideas. We do everything in the cloud. We let Amazon Web Services worry about the pliers and wires so we can focus on product.

To bring big ideas to market at scale, we can't hire an army of engineers to click around in the Amazon Web Services console or log into our instances all the time to configure them.

We have better things to do so we need automation that can handle this for us.

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randrr Engineering Blog

Welcome to the randrr engineering blog. randrr is a startup company looking to reinvent and revolutionize recruiting to put the needs of the people, not companies, first.  

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