Florida Governor Recognizes randrr and Its Employees

randrr Discusses Its Aggressive Hiring Plan and Platform Development

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (June 8, 2022) — randrr, a career opportunities platform for the common good, announced its aggressive hiring plan in Jacksonville and highlighted its progress toward building a platform that revolutionizes and reinvents recruiting.

At a joint press conference today with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, randrr founder and CEO Terry Terhark said his company plans to fill about 200 software technology jobs in Jacksonville, where randrr is already building a career opportunities search platform that will change the way people and companies interact.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by Gov. Scott and Jacksonville business leaders, and the team at randrr is even more excited about building a career opportunities platform that puts people first and that will have a global impact on job creation,” Terhark said.

For his commitment to job creation, Terhark was presented with a Business Ambassador Award by Gov. Scott. The governor also recognized randrr employee Jason Gerard for his outstanding contributions to the company.

“We are excited to welcome randrr to Jacksonville and celebrate their creation of 200 new jobs over the next two years,” Scott said. “randrr chose to establish their new offices in Florida over several other locations across the country, including Silicon Valley and New York, because of our talented workforce and focus on STEM education.”

The 200 randrr jobs in Jacksonville are software technology positions that pay well, and randrr pays full employee benefits. Terhark said his goal is to get randrr named a Best Place to Work.

Market research by randrr reveals major shortcomings with existing HR recruiting technologies, which randrr spells out in its Lightpaper® “Work for the Common Good.” Some typical job search frustrations identified include:

  • Marketability: How do candidates know if they’re looking for jobs in the right location? In the right industry? Or even in the right pay grade?
  • Time: The job search process can be a long and drawn-out ordeal.
  • Effort: Searching for jobs is a job in and of itself.
  • Access: Candidates only being able to conduct a job search from their desktop greatly hinders the amount of time they can spend applying.
  • Ambiguity: Candidates not knowing where they are in the application process can create unnecessary stress and disorientation.
  • Relationship: Candidates can feel disconnected from companies.
  • Stagnation: Job searches have gone from paper resumes getting lost in stacks of paper to digital resumes getting lost in an email inbox. 

“The simple truth is that job boards don’t care,” Terhark said. “randrr’s career opportunities platform will be a destination technology that will create meaningful relationships between people and companies.”

About randrr

randrr puts the power in the hands of people looking for career opportunities. With randrr, you can gain transparency into the companies you love, research and discover opportunities, engage employers, or get hired — all while keeping your privacy intact. No more getting profiled by endless headhunters. No more resume black holes. No more wondering where you stand after you express interest in an opportunity. randrr helps people discover their career destiny.


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