Survey Finds People Are Overwhelmingly Frustrated and Disappointed with Online Job Search Technology

Respondents: Job Search Technology Is Not Transparent or Intuitive

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (July 13, 2022) — Job seekers are frustrated and disappointed in online job search and application technology that was meant to make the process of finding and landing jobs easier, according to a survey in June over 2,800 people across the U.S.

The survey was conducted by randrr and a third-party research partner via email from June 1 to June 16, asking people about their experiences with online job search and application technology.

“Automation was supposed to make it easier on people searching for opportunities, but this data shows that job seekers are having a visceral reaction to the whole experience,” said Terry Terhark, founder and CEO of randrr, a career opportunities platform for the common good.

In this survey, 76.1 percent of survey respondents described online job search technology as frustrating, 71.7 percent said it was disappointing, and 49.1 percent called it depressing. Few respondents find online job search technology intuitive (7.5 percent) or transparent (10.3 percent).

Those negative feelings were consistent across job search activities: researching online for a job, networking with friends and professional connections, evaluating employers as a desirable place to work, applying for a job, and interviewing for a job.

About 71 percent of respondents said they have looked for a job in the past six months.

Other highlights from the survey:

  • Online job search and applying for jobs registered negative feelings, with the words frustrating, disappointing, and depressing.
  • Job seekers want more feedback during the application process, more relevant and up-to-date jobs visible online, and an easier process to find jobs.
  • Those currently unemployed rated their experiences with online job search technology more negatively, and users over the age of 44 rated their experiences more negatively, as well.
  • Respondents indicated that online job search technology is not intuitive or transparent, ranking those terms the most negatively.

About 94 percent of those surveyed responded positively to a vision for online job search technology that puts the power in the hands of people looking for jobs and a tool that provides greater transparency while keeping privacy intact.

“Every job search platform that exists today is built for recruiters and companies, creating a horrible experience for people who want to be in control of their careers,” Terhark said. “It’s time to build online job search technology for people, to make it more transparent and provide an intuitive and more rewarding experience.”

A full report on the survey is scheduled for release on in the coming weeks.

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