Real People Explain Why Online Job Search Technology Is So Frustrating and Disappointing

randrr Lightpaper® Shares Survey Responses About Online Job Search

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — (Aug. 30, 2016) — Job seekers have a lot to say about what’s wrong with online job search and what can be improved to erase overwhelming feelings of frustration, disappointment, and depression when people are looking for career opportunities online, according to a randrr Lightpaper® released today.

The report by randrr, “Research for the Common Good,” highlights a recent survey of over 2,800 people across the U.S. The survey was conducted via email from June 1 to June 16 with a third-party partner to find out how people feel about online job search technology. Survey respondents provided harsh commentary on the technology, highlighting their visceral reactions to the experience.

People described online job search as frustrating (76.1 percent), disappointing (71.7 percent), and depressing (49.1 percent). Only 7.5 percent of survey respondents described online job search technology as intuitive and only 10.3 percent said they feel the technology provides transparency.

“When we read through the written comments from these people, it’s clear that online recruiting technology is making the job search process much more painful than it should be,” said Terry Terhark, founder and CEO of randrr, a career opportunities platform for the common good.

Frustration across all stages of the job search process was evident in survey respondents when asked what could improve the job search experience.

  • “Better job filtering tools. Assessments to evaluate skills rather than just a resume.”
  • “Removing old internet posts for positions that have been filled.”
  • “Less jobs I don’t want and more jobs I do.”
  • “Easier way to apply for jobs and getting more job search results with more relevance to my resume.”
  • “Effective means of locating relevant jobs online.”
  • “Better description word search. It’s hard to find where my major is relevant. I would like to be able to search for the type of experience I want to gain.”
  • “Not having to fill out the same information for every position online. It is very time-consuming and repetitive.”
  • “Finding work faster.”
  • “I would like a faster response to jobs that I apply for.”
  • “Less phone interviews, faster results, less jobs put on hold.”

The survey found very strong negative feelings regarding online job search technology, regardless of the person’s age or employment status. In other responses, survey respondents indicated they want more feedback during the application process, more relevant and up-to-date job postings, and a simpler process to identify and land jobs.

“There is a definite outcry from people for a job search platform that puts the interests of people first,” Terhark said. “We plan to use all of this data and feedback in randrr’s development of a better tool that provides people with more information, transparency, and privacy.”

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